The Little Thief

It is a beautiful December 1967 day in Hawaii as I walk casually in my United States Navy uniform. I see a small grocery store and think of a Pepsi or Coca Cola – I walk towards the door. I see a boy reach under the store’s one counter and pulls out US money. The boy walks out of the store with the money in his in front of him at eye level – very proud of his theft as I see him smiling wide. Here comes the store person, a very big hawaiian woman – with a raised baseball bat and looking at the back of the boy’s head. As the bat starts to come down I grab the back of the boy’s collar and swing him around to go back to the store, saying to him “Come here Little Thief”.
Frustrated at not being able to kill the Little Thief, the hawaiian woman still manages to call the police, me waiting to make sure she does not have the chance to again swing that bat at the head of the Little Thief. I tell the police that I had seen the boy steal the money. The police call someone to pick him up. The someone is the white STEPmother of the boy- she says his name is Barack Obama and says he is 10 years old(puts his birth in Kenya at the time Barack Obama himself says his father lived there years before meeting his white STEPmother).
As the Little Thief walks to his white STEPmother’s car, he says to her, with a wide smile on his face: “I only stole from an old bag”. His white STEPmother says to Barack: “Wipe that smile off your face”. Barack continues to smile because he is proud of his theft. Barack Obama still smiles today – maybe YOU are his next “Old Bag” right NOW.


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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