To Kick Ronald Reagan Into Living

I met Ronald Reagan at a small ranch near Solvang,California where a friend of his was letting him use the place for awhile- me to maybe help him and Nancy for anything they may need. At first I learned that Ronald was running from the SAG(Screen Actors Guild) people who were after him for everything possible, to Ronald- much of them contradicting each other, making it impossible for Ronald to do anything for anyone, Ronald thought. Ronald quit the Screen Actors Guild and started selling his properties and break all business and friend ties. Much too much for a vacation, I thought. Even after Nancy married him, Nancy said to me that she was worried about Ronald’s health- AND HERS! I was concerned and really thought something was terribly wrong and the end was near when Ronald said of his mother’s rocking chair: “That was a good chair”. So, thinking of the man at the Solvang Market and his wonderful way with anything breathing, I said to Ron to pull his pickup into the parking lot because I had a cramp in my leg. I said to Ron to go into the market while I walked off the cramp. Ron looked towards the market but did not move towards it, fearful to meet anybody! That is when he heard me say “MOVE!” and got a kick from me right in the butt that made him jump 5 feet at least! He said “All right. All right”. He walked in and walked out 2 hours later, smiling sheepishly and said to me: “Forgive me for being so stupid”. You and I know now how smart he really was.


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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