Henry Kissenger The Tricked Trickster & Kissenger The Would Be Murderer

Henry Kissenger
1. Henry Kissenger phones me and says only these words: I will see you dead. 2. Within 2 or 3 minutes of Kissenger saying those words Richard Nixon calls me and says he is calling me to  warn me that he had finally told Kissenger that he, Kissenger, had been a pawn in the peace talks that ended the Vietnam War with me handling both the north and the south Vietnamese sides and the outside influences,  including the French and neighboring countries and the United States(Nixon). Nixon said to me that he did it to
Kissenger because Kissenger had said about his role in the Vietnam talks: Nobody tricks the trickster,me. Then Nixon says to me that because he was out of government  the truth had to be shoved into Kissenger’s “fat head”- Nixon’s term. 3. After Nixon hung up I immediately called President Ford and told him what Kissenger had said to me and what Nixon had said to me.
4. The next afternoon, eastern time, President Ford calls me and says that he is going to turn the speaker phone on for me to hear something and not speak. Somebody comes into the room. I hear Kissenger say: What’s up
boss. Ford says: The United States of America no longer needs your services. Get out of my office.


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