Ronald Reagan And The Berlin Wall

Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Wall
When I heard Ronald Reagan say something
about the Berlin Wall keeping East Berliners
from going into West Berlin, I remembered
something from a school book of mine 30 years
earlier. To check on it I called Mikhail
Gorbachev, General Secretary of the Communist
Party of the Soviet Union, to ask him about it.
He told me. I had remembered right. I called
Reagan to tell him but he said he did not have
time for me and hung up on me. Two days
Reagan made a similar remark about the Berlin
Wall and was very nasty to what he called the
“communists”. Mikhail Gorbachev called and
saidd that Reagan was acting like a jackass-
Mikhail’s choice of word. I said to him that I
would try to talk to Reagan. I tried but I heard
Reagan say to his secretary that he did not have
time to talk with me. A week later Reagan made
his famous/infamous speech at the Berlin
Wall(picture to left). When I thought it was
evening that same day in Germany, I called and
he said to me: “Sorry but I have been very busy
with this Berlin Wall thing and I do not even
know if it will do any good”. Considering that if
I waited until he was back to his jackass-style
of recent speeches he would ignore me, I gave it
to him straight about the Berlin Wall: “Hey
stupid, the Berlin Wall is in WEST Berlin. You
can take it down any time you want to.”
Three days later the Berlin Wall was taken
down. After realizing how he had been acting he
never acted badly towards anyone after that.
Jackass Reagan had disappeared. Took a
friend to do it.


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One Response to Ronald Reagan And The Berlin Wall

  1. Bobby Dias says:

    By the way, Reagan showed me his appreciation by “letting” me design and supervise the construction of his presidential library in Simi Valley,California,including putting Air Force One on the hilltop complex. I said “letting” because that was alot of work!

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