Audubon Society To Kill A Kid – Me!

Over the years the Audubon Society has tried to stop me from doing anything to help birds or any other wildlife so they can have a better chance of getting donations to put in their pockets- the appearance of a bad situation is what they try to do and they threatened to kill me often when I made a wildlife refuge. One Audubon organizer was in prison for molesting a minor, me when I was 10, by threatening my life. Two Audubon Society officers were in prison for assault with a deadly weapon by pointing a gun when trying to stop me from starting to dig the inland portion of the California Water Project, which now includes at least 12 wildlife refugees made by me that I put in the original plans for the California State Water Project, me being the one who negotiated for the properties along the waterways. Bad boys and a fraud on nature lovers


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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