John McCain – NOT A Prisoner Of War

October 26,1967
1. John McCain ‘s plane is shot down as he
bombs citizens of the Socialist Republic Of
Vietnam who are not at war with the United
States Of America and is helping the Socialist
Republic Of Vietnam become united with the
Republic of Vietnam.
2. The United States Navy’s Judge Advocate
General calls me and tells me that he wants
John McCain to court martial him for
disobeying  a direct order on which target to
bomb, their intent is to seek the death penalty.
3. The President Of The United States, Lyndon
Johnson, calls and asks me to try to obtain the
release of John McCain, saying that he
considers John McCain to be “lower than a
4. I call Le Duc Tho, General of the Army of the
Socialist Republic Of Vietnam and ask if there
is a possibility that I can pick up the downed
pilot- he says come without saying yes or no.
When I get there he shows me a ranting and
very ugly-hearted John McCain. John McCain
yells: “fucking squinty-eyes” and “damn
chinks” and “let me go ass-holes” and more.
Foreseeing John McCain doing much public
relation damage if given the chance, I said to
Tho: “You keep the mad dog”.
5. That done, I ask Tho if he has a human being
I can take with me. Tho says to me: “Better! An
angel! Two angels!”. I walked out of that prison
leaving a mad dog and taking two very good
6. The Judge Advocate General  agrees that a
long time of John McCain wishing that he was
dead would be better justice that a firing
squad. President Johnson laughs and says to
me: “YOU should be President” him and I both
Last word, a warning: Tho may have tamed
John McCain’s racist hatred yelling but John
McCain now goes out of his way to protect
racists by diverting attention away from the
racist part of the person. With sweet words
John McCain now ensures racial hatred to


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