Message To Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Message sent to Joe Arpaio , Sheriff of Maricopa County , Arizona through their in-house message system:

In 1967, in Hawaii, in my U.S. Navy uniform I saw a kid, Barack Obama enter a small grocery store and reach under the counter and pull out a stack of U.S. currency. Barack Obama walked out of the store holding the money in front of his face, smiling. The very big Hawaiian store clerk ran after him with a baseball bat and started to swing it down on Barack Obama’s head. I grabbed his collar and swung him around to get him out of harm’s way. I waited until a policeman came and when he asked Barack’s STEP-mother how old the kid was- she said “10”. Having finished up to what I consider the important part, I say that 10 years old in 1967 puts Barack Obama with his father before the time Barack Obama himself has said that his father met his stepmother. If you wish to learn my reason for sending this to Sheriff Joe look on my website , better on


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