A Little About The Death Of Bobby Kennedy

Every day for the week before his death and often for the month or so before Bobby Kennedy said to me that he thought some people were watching him- different people almost each time. He said it was not his imagination. Through that period of a month or so he often asked me for advice about the many many enemies he had made- Bobby had the habit of not caring about the consequences of the sometimes vicious comments he made if he thought it was outside his normal life. That changed when Bobby started to go into the national political area when thinking about possibly running for president- he had made many really bad comments about congresspeople and others from outside his own state. To me, the person that killed Bobby did not do it for political reasons. Sirhan’s father had been hoping for a bright financial life after a successful Bay of Pigs invasion that would bring down Fidel Castro- that never happened because, in part, Bobby called me the evening before the Bay of Pigs invasion for me to warn Fidel about the coming attack. In the mind of Sirhan that warning is the cause of destroyimg the financial hope of Sirhan’s father. Thinking back I remember Bobby saying that some of those he thought were watching him looked hispanic. To me it is possible that other that had lost their hopes of financial gain of a successful Bay of Pigs invasion could have been watching Bobby for an opportunity to kill Bobby- Sirhan may have been the “lucky” one to get the opportunity to kill Bobby. Sirhan was only one of many that wanted Bobby dead. By the way, his brother John was a very hated man internationally and within the Democrat Party which makes it possible for the choice of many to have hired “Oswald to kill John. I knew that but it was Lyndon Johnson who said it to me outloud that it may have been somebody within the Democrat Party that hired Oswald, Lyndon asking me to “let sleeping dogs lay”- his words not mine. Some of the Kennedys were good at keeping their wild opinions to themselves, but not John and Bobby.


About Bobby Dias

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