Barack Obama Has Been Uncaring For A LONG Time

Obama’s casual reaction to his many failures is another non-caring about how somebody else is damaged, which reminds me of an incident in Hawaii in 1967 when I, in my US Navy uniform, started walking to a small grocery store for a soda when I saw Barack Obama walk in and grab a bunch of US currency from under the store’s counter. Barack walked out with the money in his hand, in front of his face, smiling a BIG smile- he was very proud of his theft. As he walked away a very big Hawaiian woman came after him, she started to bring down a baseball bat on the back of his head, so I grabbed the collar of his shirt and turned the two of us around to go back to the store, me saying to him “Come here Little Thief”. He tried making me stop with a smile, like he does to millions now when he has another failure- but that failed to stop me stopping the Little Thief. When the police came Stanley Ann Dunham,his white STEP-mother(she said so to the police), said and spelled his name and gave his age to the policeman as 10 years old and when the policeman put 1957 in the space she said: “Yes,that is correct”.  As Barack and his STEP-mother walked back to a shiny, brand new Pontiac, he smiled at her and said “I only stole from an old bag”. His use of “old bag” showed me Barack’s lack of respect for that woman as a human being. Barack does that much now as he tries push the blame for his many failures to someone, anyone else. Are YOU his next “old bag”?


About Bobby Dias

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