Barack Obama Senior Role Model For Barack Obama Junior

Time: early 1960s- I receive a phone call from a friend of mine at the United Nations FAO (Food For All)program with whom I had worked to set up many countries to join the United Nations FAO. This man says to me that if I wanted a laugh he would give me the phone number of a Barack Obama Senior who wanted the United Nations to give him food for his slaves in his slave trading business, saying that society had the responsibility to feed everybody. I replied by saying that I did not need a laugh but I would call to learn about this slavery guy. I did call, Barack Obama Junior answering the phone. When Barack Obama Senior was on the phone he gave me a bunch of rubbish that I had to give him food for his hungry slaves(he used the word ‘slaves’). I replied by saying that he could let his slaves go to find their own food. He said back to me “If I let them go how much are you going to pay me?”. Hearing that I realized that he knew his talking about society having the responsibility to feed everybody was a scam because he wanted his money in his pocket if the slaves lived or died. Know that Barack Obama Junior was hearing his father, I now realize that President Barack Obama does not care about the people of America- he wants the 10s of millions he is making from his political life. Failed Obama programs but a very wealthy Barack Obama Junior is emerging- him knowingly using the same trick his father, Barack Obama Senior, tried to use to save money with the grand sounding words that society is responsible. Like father,like son – frauds with high sounding words.

                                                                    Bobby Dias


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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