Pavlick And John F Kennedy And Kissing Bobby

In Burbank California, while John F Kennedy was waiting to go on the Tonight Show, with Jack Paar hosting, and me waiting to have my 3rd half hour of the Tonight Show, John pointed to a short man pacing outside the employee entrance.- Pavlick. John said to me that nobody, not even the FBI listened to his fears about Pavlick’s following him around the country. The Burbank Police listened to me and picked him up within 2 minutes of my call. They later said to me that they could not hold him for very long but they had, the Captain’s exact words: “put the fear of God and our knuckles into him”. Well into 1962 John said to me that he had not seen Pavlick since the Burbank Police had picked him up. Constantly amazed me that I, a scrawny kid known to billions for kissing, outranked high politicians and royalty. I helped them, not the other way around. Good- sometimes the high and mighty need help.
Bobby Dias AKA Kissing Bobby


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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