Getty Foundation Playing Political Favorites

Copy of an email I sent to the Getty Foundation:
I really consider that the youtube accounts that the various parts of the Getty organizations should not be used for partisan political and cultural promotion of one element of any society over another- some of the videos promoted by the Getty are outright demeaning of some peoples to try to have an advantage over another part of society- titling it art or anything else is still a type of warfare of people against people. That is the kind of strife in life that Jean Getty himself said to me that he wanted to have the Getty villa and The Getty Museum for people to avoid for at least a little while. This he stressed to me many times as I worked on the two places. Much for me to do- he had not thought of any parking facilities, so I added on the parking structures, including the tram. He had not provided any office spaces or proper storage spaces for future exhibits and no restrooms(!) so I added those on at both places,going up for a second story at one place and down at the Villa. The snack bars were my idea because that slows visitors down when then are rushing from attraction to attraction-making their visit better for them. He said to me that he had a dream of a Getty photo organization- I had the rear building put in to start his dream to come to life. The glass doors and glass everything was my doing- my mind was still full of glass stuff still available after finishing the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art and the Santa Barbara Museum Of Art- both of which I started from nothing. Nearly all the marble arrived at the Getty Museum scratched and broken, so I chose new new marble from local dealers where I could see what Jean(Getty) was getting(he had ordered through the mail by seeing pictures only). I was told,at one point, that I had spent $75 million of Jean’s money(no charge by me)- when I heard that number Jean saw my face get a little pale and he helped me sit down. I had started only to do the plant work! I had recently spent $25 million of donated money on the start of the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art and $11 million on the Santa Barbara Museum Of Art and a the tiny sum of $3.1 million fixing and reopening the Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles County and about $10 million on the Norton-Simon Museum and $7 million on Hearst Castle and maybe a total of maybe $30 million on zoos and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I cost a lot people a lot of money in about 3 or 4 years! I am little less critical of politicians spending money now. Have a good day and I repeat that Jean did not build The Getty and The Getty Villa to used for partisan anything.


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