Email I Sent To Pete & Kelly Travers

Message I sent to Pete & Kelly Travers at In the 1950s I was asked by the Forestry Service of the US federal government to put some plants on that hill to keep the soil from being washed off. While I was doing that I noticed two UCSB employees,one male and one female, digging out what you call the Painted Cave. The male proceeded to prepare and apply a plaster to the wall of the cave they had dug out. Two weeks later he painted the higher parts of the cave followed by the female painting the lower parts, she being slightly short and he being about 6 foot 3 inches. I reported this to the then chancellor of UCSB who called the two into his office and fired them- both of them trying to avoid being fired by naming the UCSB professor who had supplied them with the supplies and had said they would be fired if they did not make the fake painted cave. They also said they had been told that the band of chumash in the Santa Ynez Valley was paying for the project. I watched this through a special glass and heard them through an intercom. About a month later the chancellor said to me that the tenured professor had finally been fired, him stressing that the tenure made it so hard to get rid of him that the professor gave up his fight only because he was threatened with criminal action. It is this kind of action the reason I send you this message- you are engaged in a money-making operation, so the motive is proven of the fraud you are publically advertising of the false nature of the Painted Cave. In other words-selling a product by lying of that particular cave being painted by chumash is fraud-similiar to the professor making his salary by the fraud of the painted cave.
By the way, the present band of chumash in the Santa Ynez Valley is part of a bigger band that were from north-east of San Diego. In the mid-1950s the chief of that southern band said to the chief of the then-band of chumash in the Santa Ynez that if that chief did not do as he said he would be killed- at that point the limo driver of the San Diego-area chumash chief opened up his suit coat to show two holstered chrome-plated and pearl-handled 45s. The threatened chief said he would obey but that night he left the area with the rest of his band of chumash. Another in other words: that makes the present band of chumash in the Santa Ynez Valley thieves of the character of the previous band by using the threat to kill. No change in character- the previous band had long ago killed some of Santa Ynez natives and taken the survivors as slaves. The survivors sneaked out the first night and got refuge at the Santa Barbara Mission. Some think that those first natives were slaves of the Spanis/Church but they were really slaves of the chumash.


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