Whitney Houston And Brandy

Copy of what I posted on sony.com on December 25,2012: I got fed up reading about Brandy’s outright lying about that night and her saying that Whitney went insane and crazy and stuff like that. I talked with Whitney on the phone several thousand times since the late 1970s as a mentor and along the way as a friend. The last conversation was the night Whitney died. This is what I just put on Brandy’s Facebook foreverbrandy page:Brandy- you selfish little twit- Whitney did deal with her voice loss and put that behind her. Within an hour or so of her death she was crying to me on the phone that none of her friends came by to visit her. When she could not help you make you money because of her voice loss you and the others left her alone- that is why she turned to drugs- nothing to do but sit and get stoned on anything she could find. At least she does not have to think of you leaches now.


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