Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston

A copy of an email I sent to Please forward this to Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys: Another chance for you to have a sentimental cry, I hope: The night Whitney Houston died I was talking with her on the phone when she asked me to hold on while she checked her bath water. I waited and heard the paramedics come in and talk to each other-after a while someone hung up Whitney’s phone(without asking if anybody was there). Why I send you this message: the last thing Whitney said to me on the phone that night was: “I sometimes think that you and Alicia are my only true friends”. If you want, a time to have a sentimental moment is here.
Whitney spoke to me many times of you and her looking forward to a bright future for you and you celebrating a wonderful now. She filled my head with words of accomplishments of you- most of them about you meeting the challenges you met. Whitney and I met when, in the late 1970s she said that because “things are going crazy” she had contacted one of the Beatles who recommended me to help her with fears of what may come- that started 30+ years of her calling me 2-4 times a week, sometimes for advice and sometimes to just “keep in touch”. Your heart kept in touch. Bye.

Bobby Dias


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