Come To Santa Maria

Come to Santa Maria where the lying City Council and the lying Santa Barbara County Board Of Supervisors made plaques and speeches attaching themselves to the following projects of mine but they never heard about the projects until after construction began and were already paid for by donations: Santa Maria Public Library,Paul Nelson Pool, Abel Maldonado Youth Community Center, Chamber Of Commerce/Santa Maria Historical Society Museum building,Atkinson Park, Minami Community Center,Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum. I raised the money for each project, put the money in a City of Santa Maria trust account in my name(right under the city council’s noses), designed the whatever,hired the construction companies and started building! One of the city council members told the city planning department that he did not want my name on any more trust accounts- we started using Santa, me signing authorizations Santa! Those politicians were normal- soo busy trying to get more votes that the city ran without them. Fools are like that- they are so easy to manipulate.


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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