Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

Pope John Paul II had much pain while he was pope-so much that he finally started taking some mild pain killers, at my suggestion, not very long before passing. From the start of the pain until his death I prayed with him,sometimes many times the same day. Because I did the initial contacts with the world leaders in preparation for his many trips around the Earth(back to and including Pope Pius XII) I often had to specify how some events had to organized to consider his severe limitations,mostly mobility. Sensing that future popes may have some benefit in knowing what the limitations are in an old and frail pontiff, I started three Vatican bishops in organizing records and making notes to help in future trips for whatever pontiff would need them. These records have helped Pope Benedict XVI recognize what the difference between himself and a new pope would be. Not a celestial revelation, just plain good communication from one generation to the next. Amen.


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