An Email That I Sent To DrAnthony

You:”I am a possibility thinker who aspires to live fully, always learn, and enjoy life”

Me, on I have started to tell of some of those possibility kind of situations that many world leaders would call me to see if I could do whatever- always a possibility with me. For example, starting in Southern California,at age 8, I was asked about fixing the structural damage of the County Of Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. I raised the money and hired the contractor,a specialist,no charge by myself(I did the exhibits in the first room on the left, which last 51 years).I raised the money and hired the construction company for a Hanoi hospital for south-east asia birth defects people,mostly children. When Mao Zedong asked me for a way to prevent the 200,000 deaths of people in Yangtze River flooding annually I did that with a solution that included 5 hydroelectric dams that provide power for 2 billion people. With those projects and many more that had the possibility mindset. Being open to people when it came to dealing with some people, considering that some had a very bad reputation-to other than myself! I accepted them for what they meant to me not somebody with a grudge or misinformation or whatever. In the week following the death of Ho Chi Minh the heads of state of every country called me,directly or through interpreters, to ask me to find a way to stop the raiding 300,000 Vietcong who were suddenly out of work. That taught me alot about how valuable respecting people as I went along in life was. By the way, the military operation I directed to stop the Vietcong included the countries of both north and south Vietnam(actual names too long to list here),Laos,Thailand,Burma,India,China and the United States.

I think that both you and I grew up in California at a very good time, when everything was growing and prospering. I am starting to write about many of the positive events of my life and others here in California and around the Earth, Just as good that tv media people are so busy praising God Obama that I turn to better.

Besides- I never even registered to vote- here in the County of Santa Barbara,to register, I would have had to be a member of a political group,which I never even knew who stood for what! One person,President Johnson, said it true about me when he learned of me giving antibiotic pills and water treatment tablets to the pregnant women of both the trouble-making Vietcong clans and the peaceful Vietcong clans: “I finally figured which side you are on. Everybody’s!”.


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