Elvis Presley Died Of Loneliness

On the day he died Elvis called me ,just to talk he said but I started to realize that he really was lonely. Over and over he started on some part of his music and was centering on never being real- back in about 1960 he turned away from video showing me kissing girls and said “I am jealous of you. You are what I pretend to be”. To that I pointed to his opportunity to teach people the kinds of things that was inside him-something that he would be able to carry with him for the rest of his life. I pointed to things like his mother and father and old dogs and men and how he really likes to treat girls(not like his pre-army days music) and more. When I suggested that he sing the gospel music he had sung in church as a kid- he started that religious music so strong that I kidded him by calling him Jesus in jokes like: How many people did you baptise with your music today,Jesus. Laughing at himself was easy for me to make him do because the two of us knew there was a big difference between reality and his pretend world of music- but to those around him his music was the only subject they would talk about,because they wanted him to make more money for them. A good example is the toys in Graceland- everybody said they were wonderful toys but nobody would play with him-what good is a house without happiness? was what he said of Graceland.
So,on that last day of him I talked on the phone for 2 or 3 hours with him- until he got hungry.Thinking of him and his need to have a friend, I sat next to phone and even slept there waiting for him to call back. Elvis never called back, In the morning I read in a newspaper that he had died- presumeably of drug overdose. The drugs may have be an effort to forget that he was lonely. Elvis Presley Died Of Loneliness


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