Separate But Equal – Intergration – Segregation

“separate but equal” sure seems to be considered negative if a white person wants it but many black people use to get out of having to being the classroom as white people- case in point is the famous/infamous forced intergration over the objections of Governor George Wallace where there was much media coverage of the black kids being escorted into the school and into a classroom. BUT! 5 minutes after the “liberal” media cameras were gone those black students objected to being in a classroom with white people and then they claimed “separate but equal” facilities under the still-existing law- no more having to be with white kids, the difference in their lives had changed only by the money they had been paid by “liberal” groups,including media organizations! In the US military there have been mostly intergrated fighting forces- but some black people have tried for sympathy donations by showing all-black units and saying they were segregated-without saying that those soldiers had demanded to fight next to other blacks ONLY! Those soldiers had segregated themselves! Segregated or intergrated is their choice as far as I am concerned- it is the lying so-called liberals(Democrats) that have to be called on their lying- make them responsible for how they make their money. A theft by a lying “liberal” is much more dangerous than a grocery store thief who grabs a loaf of bread to feed her children- the “liberal” stole the money from the society which could have paid for that loaf of bread in the first place.


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