John Mccain Court Martial Charges

To be clear about why John mccain was kicked out of the US military- about the courtmartial charges he was facing: 1. Disobeying a direct order from a superior officer(his commanding officer)- His commanding officer handing John Mccain a piece of paper and ordered John Mccain to read it. John Mccain never set his eyes to it,dropping it into a trash can. I watch that whole procedure on the order of that commanding officer,following John Mccain until I saw him drop the paper into the trash can. I picked up the paper and took it to that commanding officer and reprted to him what John Mccain had done. The commanding officer directed me to the ship’s legal officer who took my statement, which I signed. I watched him type the John Mccain courtmartial papers on this count. 2. On the one bombing run that I saw John Mccain turned his plane away from the target. Myself and the other pilots in the bombing run signed statements that John Mccain had deliberately disobeyed orders given him to bomb the given target. 3. On the bombing run of item 2 John Mccain did show Cowardice In The Face Of The Enemy to which myself and the other pilots of the bombing run did sign statements to his cowardice. 4. When John Mccain did turn and fire on unarmed civilians,citizens of the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam(an ally of the United States Of America by treaty)-unarmed to his knowledge- the purpose of his being ordered to read the paper in item one was to inform him that the US Army had installed 2 anti-aircraft batteries near where he killed the civilians. The charge of this item was Murder. The murder charge was dropped by the US when the City Of Hanoi charged and tried and convicted him of murder, John Mccain spending many years past the Vietnam War in the Hanoi City Jail-never in a prison or “Hotel Hanoi”. With the chance of bringing back John Mccain on the day of his being shot down(his own arrogance) but I left him sitting there after I heard him call the jailers “filthy chinks” and other racist names. John Mccain is still ugly at heart- even many Americans think so,Republicans also.


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