Dee Dee Sharp and Kissing Bobby and Racist Diana Ross

What Color Is Love of a Dee Dee Sharp album reminds me of a time I met her at Los Angeles International Airport(LAX), me Kissing Bobby and her as herself-she telling the Four Tops to make some kind of sounds so that she and I could dance The Mashed Potatoes dance. White me and black her had a great dance-then she said to me: “You are Kissing Bobby-kiss me!”. I said to her: “You are a cutie-kiss me!”. We had one great kiss- then Diana Ross stepped up and said to Dee Dee: “You know you are not supposed to kiss a white boy!”. Dee Dee grabbed my head and started kissing me so hard that my lips hurt. Diana Ross got angry and stomped off. The rest of the Supremes started to sing something about the wicked witch going someplace, joined in by the Orlons and the Four Tops. Not great love for Dee Dee and me but good enough love that she and the rest of us showed snobbish and racist Diana Ross that love is VERY colorful for black and white and more! Without Diana Ross there, the other Supremes and I had some SWEEEEET kisses! Billions of people have had love in their lives without Diana Ross. You?


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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