Justin Bieber and Bobby

Justin Bieber is a good boy compared to Bobby(me). I have been locked up in every jail and prison and federal penitentiary in the State of California plus the jails of Portland Oregon and Lake Tahoe, Nevada and Carson City Nevada and Las Vegas Nevada. One afternoon three men, a state law enforcement officer,one each from Aizona and New Mexico and Texas pulled a gun on me, one saying: “You are going with us, son” – they took me to a prison in Arizona and then to a prison in New Mexico and then to a prison in Texas. All this was before I was 17 years old! Justin Bieber is a sissy compared to me! To be proved worthy of being called bad like I was is to keep getting arrested like me on the charge of “Failure To Kiss Our Girls”. Then he can get locked and be made to kiss all those girls like I did! Often several times at each place! Come on Bieber-I dare you to try to be so loved that tens of thousands kiss you! As one of the Beatles said about me: “He was,in his time, loved more than Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley and the Beatles and Michael Jackson all put together”. That is something worth going for, not driving drunk or dangerously, Justin Bieber.


About Bobby Dias

Having a good life.
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