Martin Luther King,Jr Almost Lived On

Myself, as an unpaid troubleshooter by many U.S. presidents, had almost unlimited use of the FBI. When Martin Luther King,Jr, about 2 weeks before his assassination, called me and explained of how he feared for his life,him suspecting Ray Abernathy, I started to ask a couple of FBI agents to dig around Ray Abernathy and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. They found at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference that Ray Abernathy had used a SCLC check to pay for a high-powered rifle- the connection coming from the payee on the check and the gun shop employee saying that it was Ray Abernathy that had purchased the rifle and said that it was James Earl Ray who had picked up the rifle, the FBI agents showing the employee a picture of each man. Considering that these FBI agents could,and did, contribute to a federal arrest warrant based on interstate flight to avoid prosecution for the Missouri escape, I them team up with the attorneys to obtain that warrant. After the warrant was done I checked Martin Luther King,Jr for his schedule and told the 2 agents to go check out around where King would be. The day before the King killing, the FBI men found that James Earl Ray had checked into the motel next to Martin Luther King, Jr’s but was not there at the moment. Learning this I told the FBI men to watch the motel until he appeared and arrest him on the warrant. Sounded good until one of the men had a toothache and both left to get that fixed. What would be 20 minutes after the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr, the 2 FBI men returned to find the area swarming with the local police- James Earl Ray had left.


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