Martin Luther King Jr Did Not Have A Dream

When Martin Luther King called me about 2 weeks before his assassination he was convinced that he was going to be killed because of his straying from one goal of the hierarchy of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference- make themselves lots of money. Their method was to keep race relations in America looking bad to draw more donations to put in their bank accounts- but Martin was making things look good! Martin related to me how the other leaders,in and out of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference put preassure on him to make race relations look bad. When he finished with that he started to use me as a sort of confessor because he wanted to rid his soul of what he considered to have done sinfully in his life, not much as far as I could see. He told me of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference making him make the speech on August with him copying parts of other speeches word for word-they threatened to take his church away from him if he did not. Martin said that at the time of that speech the idea of whites and blacks getting together repulsed him very much and that he actually preached to his black-only church attendees to stay away from white people. Some may say that I should have been repulsed by him doing that in his church and all the outright lying in that speech but I recognized how much it had torn him up inside- until the continual meetings with white people had taught him, in his own words: “Hey, they are not so bad. Now I kind of like them”. Martin Luther King Junior had to learn for himself- not come straight out of a black-only culture saying all the beautiful-sounding words in the speech. Martin Luther King died because he had learned to love white people so much that Ray Abernathy had Martin killed by paying James Earl Ray and buying the rifle that James Earl Ray picked up at the store and then used to assassinate Martin Luther King Junior.


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