Sydney Opera House

The designers of what I said was “a crazy top” of the Walt Disney Music Center In Los Angeles got me involved with the design and construction of the Sydney Opera Hall. Because there would have been much noise and ugly traffic from nearby industrial businesses where the original location was to be I recommended that they fill in an extension to the land they owned right into the harbor, cost in doing so to be considered. Recommended used. From then on it was one phone call after another and drawings one after another. I call it my 1000 phone call project. Not really mine officially but I did wonder if they had planned on asking me one detail at a time until they had it built- like a jigsaw puzzle that they did not know what was going to be the result, only doing as I said-a blind faith. I said plenty and saw it from a distance only one time in 1967. I was on Australian tv two times but never inside what I considered a baby of mine-the Sydney Opera House.


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