Nixon Did It – Now For Idiot Obama

Two years after President Johnson declared the Vietnam War over,when Ho Chi Minh died the 10 Vietcong clans that lived off the employment provided by Ho Chi Minh,directly and indirectly, disappeared so rapidly that those clans started to raid the farms or whatever source of food they could find, killing 5,000 a day- those Viet Cong did not and could not grow any of their own food. Within 10 days the head of state of every country on Earth phoned me, asking what I could do to protect the 15 million of south-east Asia from the Vietcong(India and Burma and China could protect themselves if the Vietcong got that far.Within 24 hours of his death Richard Nixon gave me unlimited authorization to use the armed forces of the United States. Within a week I had the plan(it succeeded)to stop the Vietcong cold- that included new arms for the Republic of Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and Laos and Thailand and Pol Pot’s army to drive the Vietcong into eastern Cambodia where a trap consisting of highpowered semi-stationary guns,provided by the United States, slaughtered 306,000 Vietcong in less than a month-with the help of using the United States Air Force’ Rolling Thunder tactic to drive those Vietcong into the killing machine guns I just spoke of. 1002 troops of the allies died, only 2 of the United States and that was during a identification sweep in Cambodia after the battle.
Now let us see how many Barack Obama can kill- he had the heart(less) to kill(his father said to me that this now-President of The United States whipped three of his slaves Kenya to death for fun, while those slaves were chained to a wall. I had the backing of every head of state on Earth- Barack Obama started this week without the backing of anybody. There are politically-motivated members of the Congress of The United States Of Ameria-Oh,Oh-the buying of political support to kill Syrians has started.


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