When George H. W. Bush Bullies , Millions Die

bushgeorgehwWhen George H.W. Bush became president he let every head of state know that if each ever talked to me he would not ever talk to each of them. To show him what they thought of him they were quiet- including to him! They were never in when he called. A few had subordinates lie like hell to him. To get reelected George H.W. Bush showed him with important people when he was vice-president to Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush showed video clips of him seemingly with other people- but they were on different dates to each other. George H.W. Bush was nothing to the world outside of the United States. For what? Without me to stop several wars in the middle east at least 100,000 have died. Without me as the best supplier of food and other emergency help on Earth, 10s of millions have died of starvation, mostly in Africa where I had been best friends to millions. One day George H.W. Bush called me trying to get me to help him >>>MAKE<<< the leaders listen to him. Knowing that they were going to continue to avoid him I said to him: Stick your heart back up where the sun does not shine.


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