Santa Barbara Museum Of Art

The Santa Barbara Museum Of Art was established in 1960. I asked for the building from the federal government and they gave it to me(a little help from President Eisenhower and being Entertainer of the year on dozens of magazines probably made it hard for them to say no). I then set up the non-profit of the same name and collected the donations already pledged to convert the building to the art museum. The first time I was there the floor was thick of several years of dust from being closed- except for one set of foot prints that led to a dusty box where a very clean painting on a very clean easel was- an obvious fraud to lead me into thinking there was a previous art museum in that building. I did not say anything except to order the male and female to get out of and stay away from my property(the former Santa Barbara Post Office). The treasurer of the conversion of the property, Huguette Clark, got a court order served on those two scam people, ordering them to stay away from me and the property. They still tried to make money from donations-they were jail the last I heard of them. By the way, I had previously converted a music school into the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History(I was named in the previous owner’s Last Will to do that coversion) I did both conversions no charge. No charge for my work of several major museum projects in California and in taking the closed Santa Barbara Zoo apart completely and redoing it.


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