About Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley

Elvis sought and got a stay away court order on “Colonel Tom Parker that kept him away personally and the recording studio and “anywhere that Elvis could logically be”. In a separate court action “Colonel” Tom Parker was court ordered to return to Elvis,by a third party, any and all property of Elvis Presley. The “Colonel” continued to receive his wages as stated in the contract- which the base was very little- it was the percentage of what he had helped create in income to Elvis that was enormous(I read and watched the recording contract signing of Elvis after he returned from his army service). In trying to get me to try to get Elvis to take him back Parker tried pretending to be crying and lying that Elvis was like a son to him and finally threatening me with death. Elvis had finally come out with saying what he thought of Parker: “a monster”(his exact term). Bye bye Parker, hello happiness for Elvis.


About Bobby Dias

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