306,000 Vietcong Will Die

                                                     306,000 Vietcong Will Die

                           What you will read here is what was my part of the one result of the death of Ho Chi Minh in 1969: the need to stop the Vietcong clans in south-east asia as they killed whoever was in their way of getting food- prepared food because they were not farmers and chose not to prepare food because they considered themselves above cooking food and such menial activities that others on Earth do normally- I say that as a general rule put on the individuals and enforced by the leaders. As you will learn in this story, almost half of the Vietcong that died during this military operation was by gunshot in the back by their own when they tried to surrender.



To Me Comes The War


My start and finish in this event of my life was in the small house in Santa Maria,California and all done by telephone-in my mind without aides like maps and fancy desks. I remember waking and thing of what to expect that day. Almost time for another report on Mao Zedong’s surveying for map making in south-east asia. As President Eisenhower had pointed to map making in South America as important for me to start there, I had also did that in China- then Mao had volunteered two of his survey crews to do the surveying in south-east asia. Much peace had been gained South America and China and then in south-east asia by settling boundaries BEFORE disputes would start. Queen Elizabeth may call about a project of hers- always a project for her! Today she would start calling me every day, sometimes many times a day, to learn what was the latest about the Vietcong. For the record Queen Elizabeth, after the deaths of this she did say that I should not write anything about it-but the various political parties are using the deaths as a false basis to gain support to raise money, so I write. Then President Nixon asked me to wait until after he passed from this life to write about this. But no one was trying to keep me from doing anything- in the 24 hours after the death of Ho Chi Minh every head of state on Earth called me, asking me and sometimes pleading to me to stop the Vietcong. With in two days they were up to killing 5,000 each day in their drive for food. In 24 hours President Richard was so overwhelmed by requests to have me stop the Vietcong that he issued a general order giving me command of the Armed Forces of The United States of America. Enlisted pay grade E-3 to the top was not a nice promotion to me- meant work! Work in a good sense- no fun and games and fame of generals and admirals, only work.

                                  Before I was given command I had already found the automatic weapons to given to the locals in the plan of mine- the locals doing the face-to-face fighting was important to me so that the future generations of south-east asia people would not be saying it was the Americans. The main fighters from the countries of Laos and Thailand and Cambodia and Republic of Vietnam(south) and Democratic Republic of Vietnam(north) would need good portable automatic rifles and, for the trap, stationary guns that were pure killing machines because of the mass rushing of Vietcong to them- similiar to World War I and World War II attacks that just plain rushed hundreds and thousands at a time.

                                  “I just said “for the trap”- my plan was to drive the Vietcong out of Vietnam into eastern Cambodia which was to be cleared of the 120 or so inhabitants. This drive moved them away from the other people of Vietnam that the Vietcong would otherwise have killed to steal their food. Having them in eastern Cambodia, the stationary guns would be put in place. These guns were delivered by US Army personnel who also gave instructions on how to use them. One note here: I chose these guns because of the inability of anybody besides the US to make the ammo- I did not want these thousand guns to be used in the future by locals to make war on each other.

                                  Getting the Vietcong was not simple- I did use a battleship and two cruisers to keep the Vietcong away from Vietnam’s east coast. My use of two-way radios and the many Vietnamese that knew english spotted very well for these big ships. Many Vietcong were found miles inland absolutely petrified because of the blasts where there was nothing to think of where they came from. The big US B-52 bombers that had been proved useless in Vietnam in 1967 was used in this military operation to scare the Vietcong into the killing machine stationary guns- in 1967 and before the Vietcong had plenty of time to run out of the flight path because the vibrations of the big planes could be felt more than 30 minutes before the first bomb dropped. Also, the allies had plenty of hand grenades that were used mainly to break up groups of Vietcong. Burma heard of the hand grenades and asked for 10,000. I asked why- they said to make roads! I found some army engineers to teach them other ways to move bounders and stuff. By the way, Burmese troops did one very important job- they patroled behind ally lines to shoot any Vietcong that slipped through. If the Vietcong surrendered fine but they were shoot if not surrendering. About surrendering- every morning for 3 hours, electronic sound systems, mostly bull horns, tried to get Vietcong to surrender. I had started with 40 US snipers to shoot any Vietcong that tried to stop other Vietcong from surrendering by shooting them in the back. The first few days in the “trap” proved to be about 59-60% of the Vietcong dead to have been shot in the back by their own. I found 540 more snipers- the end percentage of Vietcong dead by being shot in the back was 44%-134,000+ of the total 306,000. Only 912 Vietcong managed to surrender. I had hoped for much more to surrender. Once away from those that tried to make them live the Vietcong life these 912 lived well with others. Most wound up in Burma or Thailand or Laos-those countries were willing to take them in and had teams ready to transport them out of the war area.




Before the Vietcong had been driven into the Trap I had some bulldozers set into the Trap area, with much fuel, for the Vietcong to bury their death but they did little of that;so, I had more bulldozers and fuel brought in- these for the allies to bury the Vietcong dead. There were reports of mass burials and bodies stacked up like cord wood. I can only say that it was either the Vietcong give up trying to being Vietcong or 14 million in southeast asia would have been killed by the Vietcong. I mention here that I could have found money for the food and food preparers to cook the food for all 306,000 Vietcong(overall, last the UN said to me, was that I had found and delivered,free of charge, 220+ million tons(net) of food to 100+ million people)- but to be given food would not be acceptable to the Vietcong. Ally dead: 998 plus 2 US soldiers- the US soldiers were killed during a sweep for loose Vietcong survivors. They were protecting Cambodia soldiers who were doing the actually checking. Regular Cambodia soldiers for the sweep- Pol Pot’s(Lon Noi) private army did the fighting in the western side of the Trap. During the sweep is when President Richard Nixon asked me to write about this operation after he passed from this life. For some years I did not because bad publicity may have harmed the career of my best friend Whitney Houston- her being murdered released me from that consideration. The 185 million in south-east asia now are safe from the Vietcong there has been was only this for me:


                            1 tear for every Vietcong man whose hand I shook.

                         100 tears for every Vietcong child I taught to play ball.

                       1000 tears for every Vietcong mother I gave medicine to.

                     1,000,000 tears for every Vietcong baby I held in my hands.


Bobby Dias


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