To End A War


                                       TO END A WAR




     I did not think of my military service as being in the fighting after the years of being hunted by the nature conservancy, being shot on 6 occassions out of 43 occassions that they fired at me. So, I used my influence to create a new job for me- publicity at the US Naval Station in San Diego, California. When President Johnson offered me an officer’s commission with full colonel after 6 months I refused, saying that an officer’s life would slow me down in times of emergencies of which I was best at. He agreed, saying that he sometimes wished the generals would get to work instead of wasting time kissing his rear. So, I was an enlisted man in the United States Navy- pay grade E-3, Seaman. Think of that sometimes when I speak of what I did when officers were effectively out-ranked by me- I remember two admirals watching me take a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier out of Tokyo Harbor- something I was qualified for but they were not after all their years experience(at the Officers’ Club?). When I started my active duty one admiral did try to “grab” me to his flagship but President Johnson hijacked(his term) me to the USS Paul Revere, saying that the Paul Revere was better for me than sitting while the other ship was being repaired(USS Forrestal, the ship John Mccain almost sunk all by himself. Isn’t he great!).

The USS Paul Revere’s one role in the Vietnam War was to pick up tired soldiers and give them a few days rest.Not nice for me- first time up a river to pick up some soldiers I was shot. It hurt as much as any of the nature conservacy’s bullets in me- so I guess the Vietcong were no worse that the nature conservancy. One Vietcong shot me as I walked on deck of the Paul Revere. Burned like hell but did not go deep inside my arm- ached for a year or two. By the way the Vietcong that fired that shot later said he was sorry for shooting me. I said back I thought he was right in trying to protect himself and the other Vietcong. Another time I was being escorted by a US soldier when a Vietcong missed the escort and shot me- quick kill for the escort so we continued to where I was delivering a message rated Secret. President Johnson had me given Secret and Top Secret security clearences so I could read messages from him that he did not want others to read- but, with the lack of others with those security clearances, I was running all over and near Vietnam delivering those high-classed messages. The importance,to me, was why I asked that my injuries would not be put in my record:too many times somebody with a boo-boo was sent home. I had a unique ability. Today Congress and the Presidents give medals for those with little boo-boos. Whatever about that- another time my escort went left quick so I was the one shot. Both of us being pinned down the soldier put a hand grenade in my shirt pocket and one in my hand and motioned me to go around the small hill the shooter was on. I went around, pulled the pins, dropped the hand grenades in the shooter’s hole that he was in, heard the two muffled pops that told me was dead. But I was not done because a big explosion in the hole pushed the dirt against my back, sending me flying for about a hundred yards. I do not recommend flying by explosion. Nice flight but the landing can be rough, and deadly.

One note here about what some have seen: a picture usually titled The Napalm Girl. That was a product of a propaganda photo shoot arranged by President Johnson with me watching at his request. The smoke in the background was from two smoke pots, The children were made up by two professionals for the pictures. Their mothers received a good amount of money and the children received much candy. The smallest child gave me a bite of one of her candy bars. About the way the US used napalm in Vietnam: US sprayer planes sprayed where Vietcong snipers were hiding, followed by flare planes that started the napalm burning- spreading the burning napalm outwards into an area 5-10 times the area that was originally spread- nobody survived the burning and all the napalm burned so there were no injuries from napalm used by the US in Vietnam. All dead.

Starting to meet VERY interesting people:

A person who was said, in the US, to be a terrible man, was loved and respected in southeast Asia- Pol Pot, later called Lon Noi. The difference was that he was not political- his distractors in the US used his name to boost their political status. He had a private army that he used like a volunteer American police force- they were farmers when things were calm. Pol Pot and I got together many times to talk. He was very smart, a degree in law from Cambridge University. That is where he got many ideas on keeping the peace without violence, usually. His usual peaceful ways got him expelled from the rising and violent Kilmer Rouge political party. I remember him saying to me on the phone that he had something important to talk to me about. I went through a mile of jungle to get to his main camp- he had lied to me! Here came at me about 500-600 women yelling kiss kiss kiss- Pol Pot had remembered my Kissing Bobby years while he had attended Cambridge! With more people like Pol Pot this would be a much better world. He started the teaching the children of Cambodia simple hygiene and basic health care.Later, as President of Cambodia he continued the education to all in Cambodia.

One day I was delivering a message to a army officer in the Vietnam jungle when my one army escort soldier pointed to two men talking along side the trail and said that they were the two friendiest people in Vietnam. When they saw me their eyes popped out and BIG smiles showed that they recognized me. They said they remembered me as Kissing Bobby when they had attended Harvard University to get their degrees in law so they could unite Vietnam- they were first cousin,once removed: Nguyen Thieu, President and General of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam(south), and Le Duc Tho, General of the Army of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam(north). They said that they got together whenever they could to plan the government of the to-be Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Considering that this was in 1967 I say that they and myself and Ho Chi Minh planned what to say to Henry Kissenger to fool him(Kissenger) into thinking that he was actually affecting the events in Vietnam.We did such a good job that when Richard Nixon left office he called Kissenger to “rub it in” that he had been fooled badly and completely. Kissenger then called me and said to me: “I will see you dead”- I then called President Gerald Ford to tell him what Kissenger said to me. Ford had me listen on a speaker phone as he fired Henry Kissenger. After that Kissenger continually lied that he was working for the US so he could make money on book sales and personal appearences.

Next- I met Ho Chi Minh on a trail, my escort saying that he was the most important man in southeast Asia- but why did he go a crazy happy when he saw me, him an important man character? He said that he had read hundreds of articles about me being Kissing Bobby and watched all my videos that he could while he he earned his degree in law at Cambridge University. At a point during this conversation he offered to introduce me to the leaders of the 10 Vietcong clans, the 7 peaceful clans first and the 3 trouble making clans last. The thought of that was like David walking into the lion’s den but learning about them may be useful in stopping this thing called the Vietnam War, so I said Yes!. In my US Navy uniform I started to see these people called Vietcong- I seemed safe for me as long as I was not armed. I saw many look at me looking for guns so I did not wear jackets that may seem to hide a gun and I kept my shirt tucked in tight so there would not be a bulge that may seem to hide a gun. I kept rubber bands on my pants’ cuffs so that there would no possibility of a hidden weapon under my baggy US Navy pants legs. That gave me an access to their camps even without Ho Chi Minh, they trusted me to not be a threat. In their camps they slept in the open on bedrolls. They did not have cooking utensils because they considered themselves too important to do such menial tasks- all they ate they paid other than Vietcong to prepare for them every meal. Pretty good IF they have the money but when the region’s biggest employer, Ho Chi Minh, died in 1969, they had to raid and kill to eat- see my story: “306,000 Vietcong Will Die”.

As I visited each Vietcong camp I found many suffering from bacteria from bad water so I tried handing out water-treatment pills and antibiotic pills to the worst sick- but the leaders would stop me if they saw me do that, saying to me that they were perfect as they were Vietcong. Nobody tried to stop me those 7 times that I delivered babies- the men actually appreciated that I was willing to get all that blood and stuff on me. “7 times” does not include the time when I was using a tree limb as a cane,because of a US bomb,when I found a bomb-killed mother whose still-alive baby had come out. I used the knife and a shoelace of a dead Vietcong man to cut and tie the cord. After a hour of carrying the baby and calling out the Vietcong name for baby “em be'” I found a mother feeding her own who opened her other reast for the one I carried. Enough for that- now for one characteristic part of the Vietcong was their lack of play, so I called my contact at the Voit company who delivered 19,000 balls to the US Air Force who put the balls in a plane designed to carry tanks and jeeps. In the air, with the back door opened, a portion of the balls were thrown out at time intervals I specified on a flight path I specified. The next day I found the balls laying on the ground because the Vietcong had never seen a ball so I started teaching the children- even those ever-serious leaders started to enjoy playing. The elders liked to compete(dodge ball their favorite) and the children like to play together.

Enough of playing- at the last of the 3 trouble-making Vietcong clan camps something happened that started that was the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War, a war that started with the French asking for help 20 years before. I and the Vietcong sensed some vibrations- the Vietcong picking up their personal belongs and walked away while Ho Chi Minh signaled to me to follow him. Ho Chi Minh and I ran north. After a while he pointed to the top of a hill and said to me to watch from up there. I did. I watched. I watched. I watched until the 35 minute mark since I had first felt the vibrations of big B-52 bombers in a “Rolling Thunder” bombing raid- that is when the first bomb landed. The next day I returned to see the damage. Some big bomb craters- but the Vietcong were in perfect health! No injuries at all! Some had moved into the bomb craters. The big b-52 bombers had been designed to bomb cities where nobody knew they were coming until it was too late- the Vietcong felt the vibrations and simply walked out of the flightpath of the B-52s. 1,000,000+ dollars wasted for every Rolling Thunder bombing run! I called for my helicopter ride. While I waited I called President Johnson what I had learned about the Rolling Thunder tactic- he said he would call the US Air Force and stop them from any more air raids. I also said that I had a plan in my head that could work using some planes on an aircraft carrier.

I went to that ship-the aircraft carrier of my helicopter ride. An officer there had showed me some F-series fighter-bombers. I got all 5 of the pilots into a map room where I showed them that the small number of F-series planes could scare the 3 trouble-making Vietcong clans into peace- terrorize a few to influence the rest. I showed those pilots where the most inflential Vietcong bedded down so they would avoid killing them- my friend Hirohito taught me very well that if he had not been alive the people of Japan would have fought to the last man,woman and child. I marked the spots where each would drop each of their small bombs, giving them landmarks to see. My habit, to keep from getting lost, of looking for landmarks helped in this planning. I was really appreciating “walking into the lion’s den”- I learned until it was time to end the Vietnam War. President Johnson said to me to go for it and that he had told the aircraft carrier’s captain and the admiral to do whatever I said. Not necessary- teamwork had gotten the bombs to lined up for 7 days of one raid each day by the 5 pilots- only one raid per day so that the terrorized survivors could tell of their horror to the others. That tactic worked- as fast as each camp was bombed those survivors went peaceful- they learned the horror of bloodshed and body destruction. 9 days following my starting the F-series bombing raids there were no violent Vietcong. On the 10th day President Johnson said on tv that the obligation of the United States to France was completed as there was peace in Vietnam and that all US soldiers were being pulled out, except for a few within the City of Saigon. That few was 912 with none others in Vietnam 14 days after the start of the F-series bombing raids and that was only while Saigon people were being trained to be police for the first time ever.

Here I say the term terrorism is negative only in the minds of the individual- My use of terrorism stopped body bags from going to the United States and other countries from  Vietnam, and stopped as many Vietnamese being killed every month. Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower said to me terrorism stopped World War II in Europe and Japan.Those self-called peace people do not do any of the suffering and dying-their talk is cheap(not the money they make saying the pretty words).


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