When George H. W. Bush Bullies , Millions Die

bushgeorgehwWhen George H.W. Bush became president he let every head of state know that if each ever talked to me he would not ever talk to each of them. To show him what they thought of him they were quiet- including to him! They were never in when he called. A few had subordinates lie like hell to him. To get reelected George H.W. Bush showed him with important people when he was vice-president to Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush showed video clips of him seemingly with other people- but they were on different dates to each other. George H.W. Bush was nothing to the world outside of the United States. For what? Without me to stop several wars in the middle east at least 100,000 have died. Without me as the best supplier of food and other emergency help on Earth, 10s of millions have died of starvation, mostly in Africa where I had been best friends to millions. One day George H.W. Bush called me trying to get me to help him >>>MAKE<<< the leaders listen to him. Knowing that they were going to continue to avoid him I said to him: Stick your heart back up where the sun does not shine.

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Nixon Did It – Now For Idiot Obama

Two years after President Johnson declared the Vietnam War over,when Ho Chi Minh died the 10 Vietcong clans that lived off the employment provided by Ho Chi Minh,directly and indirectly, disappeared so rapidly that those clans started to raid the farms or whatever source of food they could find, killing 5,000 a day- those Viet Cong did not and could not grow any of their own food. Within 10 days the head of state of every country on Earth phoned me, asking what I could do to protect the 15 million of south-east Asia from the Vietcong(India and Burma and China could protect themselves if the Vietcong got that far.Within 24 hours of his death Richard Nixon gave me unlimited authorization to use the armed forces of the United States. Within a week I had the plan(it succeeded)to stop the Vietcong cold- that included new arms for the Republic of Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and Laos and Thailand and Pol Pot’s army to drive the Vietcong into eastern Cambodia where a trap consisting of highpowered semi-stationary guns,provided by the United States, slaughtered 306,000 Vietcong in less than a month-with the help of using the United States Air Force’ Rolling Thunder tactic to drive those Vietcong into the killing machine guns I just spoke of. 1002 troops of the allies died, only 2 of the United States and that was during a identification sweep in Cambodia after the battle.
Now let us see how many Barack Obama can kill- he had the heart(less) to kill(his father said to me that this now-President of The United States whipped three of his slaves Kenya to death for fun, while those slaves were chained to a wall. I had the backing of every head of state on Earth- Barack Obama started this week without the backing of anybody. There are politically-motivated members of the Congress of The United States Of Ameria-Oh,Oh-the buying of political support to kill Syrians has started.

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Sydney Opera House

The designers of what I said was “a crazy top” of the Walt Disney Music Center In Los Angeles got me involved with the design and construction of the Sydney Opera Hall. Because there would have been much noise and ugly traffic from nearby industrial businesses where the original location was to be I recommended that they fill in an extension to the land they owned right into the harbor, cost in doing so to be considered. Recommended used. From then on it was one phone call after another and drawings one after another. I call it my 1000 phone call project. Not really mine officially but I did wonder if they had planned on asking me one detail at a time until they had it built- like a jigsaw puzzle that they did not know what was going to be the result, only doing as I said-a blind faith. I said plenty and saw it from a distance only one time in 1967. I was on Australian tv two times but never inside what I considered a baby of mine-the Sydney Opera House.

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Martin Luther King Jr Did Not Have A Dream

When Martin Luther King called me about 2 weeks before his assassination he was convinced that he was going to be killed because of his straying from one goal of the hierarchy of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference- make themselves lots of money. Their method was to keep race relations in America looking bad to draw more donations to put in their bank accounts- but Martin was making things look good! Martin related to me how the other leaders,in and out of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference put preassure on him to make race relations look bad. When he finished with that he started to use me as a sort of confessor because he wanted to rid his soul of what he considered to have done sinfully in his life, not much as far as I could see. He told me of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference making him make the speech on August with him copying parts of other speeches word for word-they threatened to take his church away from him if he did not. Martin said that at the time of that speech the idea of whites and blacks getting together repulsed him very much and that he actually preached to his black-only church attendees to stay away from white people. Some may say that I should have been repulsed by him doing that in his church and all the outright lying in that speech but I recognized how much it had torn him up inside- until the continual meetings with white people had taught him, in his own words: “Hey, they are not so bad. Now I kind of like them”. Martin Luther King Junior had to learn for himself- not come straight out of a black-only culture saying all the beautiful-sounding words in the speech. Martin Luther King died because he had learned to love white people so much that Ray Abernathy had Martin killed by paying James Earl Ray and buying the rifle that James Earl Ray picked up at the store and then used to assassinate Martin Luther King Junior.

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I Created Some Great Songs

From the late 1950s through the late 1970s I created songs that have sold at least 350 million as of mid-1990,from what some told me in the 1970s and before. Last he said, out of 62 songs, Elvis said of a group of 34 sold over 200 million. Dozens of million sellers by Ricky Nelson and must be at least 30 million and multimillion sellers by others. Anybody have any sales and/or radio play numbers for those I created. Never mind asking Sony because I refused their bribe to be quiet about an attempt to murder Whitney Houston. Also do not bother Ricky’s relatives- David Nelson and Ricky’s daughter are too hung up on whatever-they consider me trouble(what could they be trying to hide (I gave up any royalties that would have come to me)?). They benefited from me trying to keep me from getting credit because I was stopping wars and feeding 100s of millions of disaster victims.

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Vietnam Girl Picture Fictional

In 1967 President Lyndon Johnson sent me to where an army photographer took this picture- after the crew prepared each child for the picture. The soldiers are Republic of Vietnam(south) soldiers. The smoke in the background is from two smoke pots(burning oil)-to illustrate how the trouble-making(not all were trouble-making) Vietcong would start a fire to drive out the residents of a village so they could take what was left behind. The children in the picture were all given alot of candy and their mothers each received a very good sum of money(I knew because I had handed out much money to the very needy of the Vietcong(both peaceful and trouble-making).
The person who later received a Pulitzer Prize for submitting this picture had taken on the name of the deceased Associated Press photographer Nick Ut who had been executed prior to this picture being taken (Thieu of south Vietnam and Thang of north Vietnam both fired their pistols at the count of three as I watched). Ut, as some other news people have done, tried to start trouble to have some news to sell.

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Martin Luther King,Jr Almost Lived On

Myself, as an unpaid troubleshooter by many U.S. presidents, had almost unlimited use of the FBI. When Martin Luther King,Jr, about 2 weeks before his assassination, called me and explained of how he feared for his life,him suspecting Ray Abernathy, I started to ask a couple of FBI agents to dig around Ray Abernathy and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. They found at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference that Ray Abernathy had used a SCLC check to pay for a high-powered rifle- the connection coming from the payee on the check and the gun shop employee saying that it was Ray Abernathy that had purchased the rifle and said that it was James Earl Ray who had picked up the rifle, the FBI agents showing the employee a picture of each man. Considering that these FBI agents could,and did, contribute to a federal arrest warrant based on interstate flight to avoid prosecution for the Missouri escape, I them team up with the attorneys to obtain that warrant. After the warrant was done I checked Martin Luther King,Jr for his schedule and told the 2 agents to go check out around where King would be. The day before the King killing, the FBI men found that James Earl Ray had checked into the motel next to Martin Luther King, Jr’s but was not there at the moment. Learning this I told the FBI men to watch the motel until he appeared and arrest him on the warrant. Sounded good until one of the men had a toothache and both left to get that fixed. What would be 20 minutes after the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr, the 2 FBI men returned to find the area swarming with the local police- James Earl Ray had left.

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